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Class list and prices

Course Tuition

Interested in getting a sales course or perhaps want to have a continuing education course? You will find all the courses listed below:

  • Sales Course: $295
  • Broker Course: $395
  • Continuing Education Course: $250 (Offered in Environmental Issues, Ethics, Buyer Representation, Fair Housing, Real Estate Development, and Property Management.)

Note: Licensed via reciprocity in over 40 states for the sales or broker’s courses.

New Course Alert!

Following classes come with one hour of free consulting and brand-new information:

  • Property Management: $295
  • Real Estate Development: $295 (consulting on your next or present project plus field trips to several development sites)
  • Real Estate Investment: $295

All classes are live and conducted in small groups, so everyone gets equal attention.


All of the courses above cover the following topics:

  • Real Estate, Ethical and Psychological Issues
  • Fair Housing and 93A
  • Contracts
  • Ownership
  • Appraisal
  • Finance

Payment Method

All payment is to be done by cash or check. (Check made out to “The Spencer Group”, payable on the first day of class.) NO Credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, or Venmo.

Dr. Porter’s Specialty

Commercial brokers are Dr. Porter’s specialty group, but people interested in residential should also call for the latest class schedule.

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